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Professional T9 Trimmer Metal Shaver

Professional T9 Trimmer Metal Shaver

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### Specifications:

- **Material:** Metal
- **Power:** 5W
- **Voltage:** DC 5V
- **Battery Capacity:** 1200mAh
- **Charging Time:** Approx. 3 hours
- **Usage Time:** Approx. 60 minutes
- **Charging Indicator:** Red light on while charging, green light on when fully charged
- **USB Cable Length:** 57cm ± 2cm
- **Item Size:** 14.3 × 3.9 × 2.4 cm

### Features:

- **Superior Blade:** The precise steel cutter head is made of titanium, ensuring safety, sharpness, and durability. It does not easily heat up, maintaining efficiency throughout use.

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